Laminated Film is a polymer material which is composed of two or more layers of different materials.

Aluminum laminated film  is the most commonly used as rolls , usually containing pure aluminum (AL) and

aluminum (VMPET).


1. Reflective to sunshine and solar heat

2. Water proof & damp-proof

3. Easy to laminate with Fiberglass Wool and other material;

4. Prevent dust and moisture from penetrating inside

5. Durable, environmentally friendly


1. Flexible packaging and food contact applications

2. To laminated with Woven\bubble and EPE\XPE foam as thermal Insulating materials, which could be used as underlay, wrap wall

3. To make sunshade or ice bag

4. Used as emergency blanket, it can retains 80% percent of your radiant body heat

5. To make static shielding bag for electronic product